Amul Kool Koko Recipe | How to Make Amul Kool Koko at Home by Delicious Recipe

Today, I have brought for you the recipe of Amul Kool Koko,friends, drinking Amul Kool Koko from the market every day, it is not possible so today I am sharing my recipe which I have made myself, I am sharing it with you hope you all like it. So, Come let's start making Amul Kool Koko.


250ml milk = 1 small spoon sugar, 1/2 spoon coffee, 1 spoon chocolate powder. (1 serve)


  • Milk
  • Sugar 
  • Coffee 
  • Chocolate powder 
  • Ice Cubes

Steps In Making

  • First, boil the milk and let it cool.
  • Now add half milk, sugar, coffee, chocolate powder, ice cubes in a jar, blend it all.
  • Now pour a mixture into a glass.
  • Serve chill.

Recipe Notes

  • Use can also use milk without boiling
  • Follow proper measurement while making Amul Kool Koko
  • You can use both toned and fat milk for making.


  1. Thank you! It was also very quick and easy to make.

  2. Wow �� , today I tried your recipe it's really taste like Amul kool koko and cafe . I can say that really its saving my money now . I order 5-6 daily now am making myself and it's taste exactly the same must try guys share her recipe Pinky it's awesome dear your Delicious Recipe is heart taking .

    1. Thank you Mam , good to hear that you tried please keep sharing and enjoy recipes.

  3. It's really very tasty and exact the same taste can you please share recipe of Amul Kool Cafe also so that I try that also .

    1. For Amul kool cafe you have to use coffee 1 spoon and choclate powder 1/4 spoon, milk 250ml, sugar as per your taste and blend it your Amul kool cafe is ready .

    2. Hope you like it please keep sharing and enjoy recipes

  4. Highly looking for this recipe thanks you saved my money I am a huge fan of your incredible ideas love your recipes

  5. Found your reel on Instagram @deliciousrecipe369 I can't tell you that you saved my so many money by post such a unique recipe it's tastes same as Amul Kool Koko

    1. Thanks please follow delicious recipe for more delicious recipes


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